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A new way of working with chocolate

Sweet advertising messages.
At the forefront of Swiss innovation, we translate your wishes into chocolate.

Advertising in chocolate and business gifts

Do you want to thank your partners? You have to organize a shareholders meeting, go to a trade fair? Are you celebrating an event and you want to give your customers a personal attention? Go-Choco can match your needs by offering you a "gourmet gift". Original and personalized in a unique way which will create a very special, tasty emotion.

To express your appreciation and thank your partners and customers for their loyalty, offer them a chocolate flavored unique gift and you will be certain to seduce them.

Originality at its finest

With Go-Choco, companies have a powerful tool, combining originality, quality and design.

We from Go-Choco offer your business gifts tailored to your budget. Starting at a minimum of 100 pieces, a large variety is available to you.

Delivery terms

Standard items are delivered within 20 days. For more complex projects or large quantities, delivery time of approximately 6 weeks is to be expected.

Personalized Swiss chocolate plate
We from Go-Choco will apply our know-how in design and quality to offer you a high-quality chocolate from one of the best Swiss chocolate makers.

With a range of Grand Cru chocolates, we define together the recipe that will whet your client’s appetite. Go-Choco is the result of combination of the uniqueness of your company reflected by the design of your logo and symbol. This merged together with one of the highest quality of Swiss chocolate creates the unique product that Go-Choco is.

Chocolate makes you happy !

Plaque de chocolat Suisse personnalisé

Cacao & Go-Choco

Professionalism, dynamism and commitment are the key words that describe best the Go-Choco team as a whole. Composed of young professionals from the hospitality industry, our motivation drives us to push our limits day after day. In constant search of new innovations and at the forefront of technology, being precursors in this field is, to us, essential.

Go-Choco, Chocolate design

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  • “We love and accept all the challenges!”

  • “Overwhelm your loved ones with this unique chocolaty present !”

  • Cacao : “The food of the gods ... ”


Our know-how enables us to create numerous projects. Mainly for businesses, we create all sorts of different projects for events and anniversaries

Your project in 5 steps:

  • Élaboration d'un dessin

    1. Production of a 3D design

  • Impression 3D, finition et création du moule

    2. Creation of one or more silicone moulds

  • Création du projet en chocolat

    3. Making of a homemade smooth craft chocolate

  • Mise sous emballage

    4. Product packaged according to the customer's needs

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    5. Personal delivery or distribution by postal services

In order to provide sufficient space for the personalization of your message, we mainly work on chocolate bars. However, we can also provide projects in other shapes or forms.

Contact & Appointment

For any requests or questions related to the realization of your ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Go-Choco
    Chemin des Terreaux 3
    CH-1032 Romanel-sur-Lausanne
  • Administration: +41 21 683 00 82
  • Adrien Fankhauser: +41 79 219 38 90
  • David Jones: +41 79 228 17 24
  • Edmond Losey: +41 79 308 84 76